Established April 7, 2008
CEO CHANG, Chung-Soon
Tel · Fax +82-32-260-3150 / +82-32-884-6726
Address Rm103, Smart Valley Building B, Songdomirae-ro 30, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea
Type of Business R&D, Manufacturing and Trading
Line of Business Development of new substance from microbiome originates from marine and mudflat, application and commercialization
Core Product Feed additives for all livestock including fish / Cow mastitis prevention and or cure product / An anti-inflammarion and anti-allergic agent with immune-modulatory functions / Bacillus oriented probiotic and anti-aging peptides for cosmetics
Accredit Accredited as Corporate R&D center by KOITA,Korea Industrial Technology Association (2017.04. KOITA)
Accredited 2020 Venture company by KIBO (2020.10. KIBO)
Registered new factory (2020.03. IFEZ)